Clarke in Panic as More Lesbian Scandal Rumors Explode!

Winifred Clarke – a top Alabama political operative, City Hall official, and daughter of Senator Clarke– is at the center of scandal over allegations that she briefly posted semi-nude photos of herself and described lewd acts in Craigslist Montgomery’s ‘Women Seeking Women’ forum.

Though the post has since been deleted, an anonymous source notified Nightwatch Online and sent us this screenshot:

Is that Winifred Clarke???!
Winnie's CL post

While Clarke maintains her denial of these accusations, other sources have stepped forward claiming they saw the post and that the screenshot should serve as concrete evidence due to the visibility of an incriminating tattoo.

Though faint, the edge of a tattoo is indeed visible in one of the photos from the above screenshot of her original post.


Another source close to Clarke claims the tattoo is real and definitely belongs Ms. Clarke, who always seems to keep her arms covered in public.

This very public fall from political grace has once again stirred up rumors of Clarke’s ‘sordid past’ – which involves ample allegations of secretive, in-the-closet, homosexual behavior, as well as violent tendencies and, quote, “some really f*cked up sh*t.”

Though persistent, these rumors continue to be just that: rumors. Aside from gossip and hearsay, there has been no proof of such behavior, no charges pressed by the alleged ‘victims’, and zero substantiated witnesses of Clarke’s ‘violent tendencies.’

However, this whole tattoo hullaballoo could be enough to back up the claims of Clarke’s ‘secret lesbian activity’ if additional photos of her inked arm come to light.

In the meantime, we’re getting impatient! So…





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